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Download Audiotap 2.2.1 for Windows (tested on Windows 7 and 10)
Note: this package also contains some DLL files which enhance WAV-PRG, giving it the ability to read/write WAV files and the soundcard. If you downloaded the stand-alone version of WAV-PRG and want it to be able to do so, unzip it in the same directory where Audiotap and its accompanying DLL files are.

Download Audiotap 2.2 for Windows, command-line version (to be run from a command prompt). Can be called from scripts. Needs audiotap.dll: unzip the content in the same folder as the GUI version.

Download source for Audiotap 2.2.1, Libaudiotap (shared code between WAV-PRG and Audiotap), and Libtap (TAP audio codec). You can compile the Windows GUI version, and the command-line version, which can be built on Linux, Mac or Windows (the latter needs Cygwin or MinGW environments).
Porting: it should be easy to port Audiotap to other operating systems, at least the command-line version. If you want to do it or already did it, please contact the author. Writing a GUI for other platforms is not as easy, but should be possible: contact the author if you are interested (or already did it).

License: Audiotap is copyright © 2003-2015 Fabrizio Gennari. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License

The DLL files for audio support are NOT GPL.