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Download WAV-PRG 4.0.1 and Audiotap 2.0 installer for Windows (tested on XP) (355.6 KB)

Download Audiotap 2.1 for Windows (532.0 kB)
Note: this package also contains some DLL files which enhance WAV-PRG, giving it the ability to read/write WAV files and the soundcard. If you downloaded the stand-alone version of WAV-PRG and want it to be able to do so, unzip it in the same directory where Audiotap and its accompanying DLL files are.

Download source for Audiotap 2.1, Libaudiotap (shared code between WAV-PRG and Audiotap), and Libtap (TAP audio codec). You can compile the Windows GUI version, and the command-line version, which can be built on Linux, Mac or Windows (the latter needs Cygwin or MinGW environments).
Porting: it should be easy to port Audiotap to other operating systems, at least the command-line version. If you want to do it or already did it, please contact the author. Writing a GUI for other platforms is not as easy, but should be possible: contact the author if you are interested (or already did it).

License: Audiotap is copyright © 2003-2014 Fabrizio Gennari. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License

The DLL files for audio support are NOT GPL.