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Download Audiotap
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Download WAV-PRG 4.2.1 for Windows, GUI version (tested on Windows 7 and 10) complete with plug-ins.
Note: This file contains WAV-PRG stand-alone. On its own, only reads/writes .TAP files. You need to download Audiotap and unzip it in the same folder (audiotap.dll is in both archives and it is identical) to support sound card and WAV files.

Download WAV-PRG 4.2.1 for Windows, command-line version (to be run from a command prompt). Can be called from scripts. Needs audiotap.dll: unzip the content in the same folder as the GUI version.

Download WAV-PRG 4.2.1 source. You can compile the Windows GUI version, and the command-line version, which can be built on Linux, Windows (MinGW or Cygwin), Mac and Haiku.
Porting: it should be easy to port WAV-PRG to other operating systems, at least the command-line version. If you want to do it or already did it, please contact the author. Writing a GUI for other platforms is not as easy, but should be possible: contact the author if you are interested (or already did it).

License: WAV-PRG is copyright 1998-2015 Fabrizio Gennari. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License